Online Photovoltaic Design Installation Course

Online Photovoltaic Design Installation Course

Welcome to the Introduction to ONLINE Photovoltaic Design Installation Course!

Approved by NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners), this is the first step toward becoming a certified Solar PV installer. Upon completing our intensive course, students can apply to take the NABCEP Entry Level Exam (AKA Associate Exam).

This course covers specific information, equipment, and installation techniques that are valuable to photovoltaic systems installers, including design considerations, system components, site analysis, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Introduction to Photovoltaic includes learning about the following ten Major Categories from NABCEP:

  • PV Markets and Applications
  • Safety Basics
  • Electricity Basics
  • Solar Energy Fundamentals
  • PV Module FundamentalsSystem Components
  • PV System Sizing Principles
  • PV System Electrical Design
  • PV System Mechanical Design
  • Performance Analysis, Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

Read and Review

Module Summary

Photovoltaic textbook

PowerPoint presentation

Interactive Figures
Click and drag exercises

Video demonstrations

Test section

Concept Checks:
Multiple-choice quiz

Trade Terms:
Interactive matching activities


Subject: Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics

Module: Basic Electrical Fundamentals
Module: Photovoltaic Systems, Applications and Components
Module: PV Safety Considerations and Site Assessment
Module: System Design and Installation
Module: Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Subject: Site Assessment

Module: Assessment Tools and Equipment
Module: Customer Needs
Module: Mounting Considerations
Module: Site Solar Data (Shading Analysis)
Module: Locations (Balance of System [BOS] Components)
Module: Site Assessment Documentation

Subject: System Design

Module: Stand-Alone System Design
Module: System Wiring
Module: Grid-Tied Systems
Module: System Design Forms and Documents

Subject: System Installation and Inspection

Module: Introduction to the National Electrical Code®
Module: Job Preparations
Module: Safety
Module: Job Planning, Inventory of Materials and Tools
Module: Installing Mounting Hardware and Raceways
Module: Inspections of PV Components Prior to Installation
Module: Installing PV Modules and Balance-of-System Components
Module: Installing, Labeling, and Terminating Wiring per Code
Module: Activating and Testing PV System Post Install
Module: Job Safety Analysis Form

Subject: Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Module: Preventive Maintenance
Module: Manufacturer-Recommended Maintenance
Module: Troubleshooting

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