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  • Good evening Louie, I wanted to thank you for the AC/DC class you taught for me, Fred, Joe, Rob and Will. It was a great class and you did a great job hitting all the areas that we needed the most. You made the class very interesting and related as much as possible to what we do in our jobs. You are obviously extremely knowledgeable yet you were able to communicate at every level to every one of us. I spent 4 days with 4 very intelligent co-workers and I know we all learned a lot thanks to you. Thanks again for sharing some of your knowledge with us, I know we all took a lot from the class. It was great meeting you and I hope our paths cross again.

    Todd Visentin

    Service Manager at Konica Minolta
  • Former Grad from IMTI (1997) been working with Daddona Electrical for 19 years. IMTI is like a second family. I am very happy with the school and its staff.

    Abe Rahim

    Foreman at Daddona Electrical Services INC.
  • Long ago, as a young apprentice in the plumbing field, I learned of a job opportunity in the educational system for the city of Waterbury. Since this job required applicants to have a plumbing license, I attempted to study on my own and take the test. So I found as many books as I could at the library and worked hard to get ready. But the books alone were not enough. They didn’t provide a structured format for my studies and lacked many of the details I needed to pass. After failing twice, I found myself looking for a better way.

    When I found IMTI, they were just starting up, offering weekend courses to prepare students for the state plumbing exam. The quality of the coursework, the structure of the program and the guidance of the experienced instructors was exactly what I needed. I was able to pass the test the very next time I took it, and I got the job that launched my 25-year career. 

    Years later, I found out about a new job opportunity that required a deep knowledge of HVAC, and once again I turned to IMTI. Over the next year of my studies, it was a pleasure to find out that the quality of their curriculum had only improved. And since I wasn’t always the best student, I came to appreciate the commitment of their instructors as they helped me learn the material and successfully complete the class. I took the State board plumbing and heating test, got my license and passed test on very first try. And with the help of IMTI, I once again secured the job I was seeking. 

    If someone asked me where to turn for help with instruction or licensing in the trades I’d turn them directly towards IMTI. Their excellent curriculum, the structure of their programs, the quality of their people and their commitment to their students’ success created a winning combination for me, and I’d recommend IMTI to anyone who needs help. I have a personal connection with IMTI, and consider it my alma mater.

    They even asked me to come back and help fill in as an instructor, and I’ve seen that their programs have grown even further since my time as a student there, and I’ve also been asked to be on the advisory board. As an active member for several years, I’ve seen IMTI strive to achieve the best in academic excellence and help potential tradesmen achieve their goals. If it wasn’t for IMTI, I would never have gotten my job with city, served for 25 years or achieved the financial security I have today. I’m forever thankful to Marcel Veronneau for his patience, understanding and dedication to helping students achieve their goals in work, and in life. And I’m proud to be, in some small way, part of the team that does so much to help young people.

    Joseph Cabral

    Pump Station Foreman City of Waterbury Water Department - Retired